Youths At Risk Programme

We are currently running projects to work with Youth at Risk from a life of criminality or violence, homeless people & people with mental health issues as well as giving out special awards to those who deserve the help & praise. Read on to find out more...

We were initially drawn to this problem by the shocking increase in knife crime. We met with various experts in the subject to learn more about the problem.

Our conclusion was that the problem was better tackled at its root cause by addressing the wider issue of disenfranchised youths who get into trouble with the police and justice system in general. We felt that a boxing programme offers the potential to provide these youths with help in a wide range of areas:

• A safe place to go and spend time

• Anger management

• Self-confidence and improved self esteem

• Spending time with positive role models

Youth at Risk

We have now developed a boxing programme that can be adopted by a boxing gym or youth centre to help local youths. A key aspect of this programme is that WBC Cares UK funds the running of the programme. We have piloted the programme in a boxing gym in Croydon where knife crime is a serious issue and many of the youths who join the programme have been apprehended by the police with knives. Based upon the success of the pilot we are now rolling he programme to the gyms across London and the South East. The programme includes a complete set of processes and forms that enable the gym to work effectively with the local Youth Offending Team who can then refer offenders to join the programme.

We now have boxing programmes running in:

· Croydon
· Brighton
· Worthing
· Crawley
· Battersea
· Wandsworth
· Hackney
· Lambeth

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